by Malethoth Kazyanenko

CCC 30 - Armaggeddon II: Electric Boogaloo

I wrote this a couple days after the TU24 news broke and it turned out that we won't end up like the dinosaurs with a crater in our ass. Thank God. But, of course, just because the TU24 didn't hit us doesn't mean that some other asteroid won't, or some other massive extinction event won't occur. In fact, some biologists believe that we're in the middle of a MAJOR extinction event right now, in which case we're pretty boned.

There should be a SOREN '28 logo under the final panel, but my scanner cut it off. Bah. Stupid scanner, never scanning exactly what I want it perfectly. Oh, and this comic is smaller (650x932 instead of 800x1000~). Tell me if you like the change, or if it reduces legibility.

~Malethotho K.

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